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The ever evolving solar backpack: Evolving Solar Backpack


The main difference amongst backpacking before and backpacking now is technologies. Isn’t it always true? But clearly, this change affects most of us, even the light packers who swear to only bring what’s necessary.

During this age and time, a cellphone is one’s connection…

J. Bullivant Conducts Focus Group at Seton Hall University

J. Bullivant Urban Survival Gear teamed up with Seton Hall University to conduct a research study for a few of their new products, specifically the Student Series solar power backpack, technology kit, and ballistic shield.  The study was used to determine the public opinion of their products in regards to style, safety, necessity, and interest. 

The focus group was made up of 10 students and 4 parents from the University.  The group was asked a few questions about the technology they use and their personal level of safety preparedness.  Most students and parents voiced concerns over power outages and loss of communication.  Following the discussion, the group broke up into groups of two to explore the backpack and its contents.  This was an important aspect of the study as each involved was able to try the backpack on, explore the various compartments and pockets, and closely examine the safety accessories within each bag.  The questions following the hands-on portion of the research study were specific to the bag and J. Bullivant as a brand. 

The outcome of the focus group provided some valuable information.  Through the help of the Seton Hall parents and students it was determined that while some have safety concerns, the most popular area of the backpack was the technology kit.  The idea of being able to charge mobile devices on the go was widely accepted and suggested as the main focus as opposed to the ballistic shield.  The group was vocal about what they would like to see in regards to the style of the backpack, suggesting design and color options.

The results of the study confirmed the decision by J. Bullivant to shift its focus away from extreme safety precautions to providing a reasonable approach to emergency preparedness with the help of the solar backpack and technology package.  The package consists of a battery called the Personal Power Generator, a 2-in-1 Charging Adapter with the ability to charge from a wall outlet or the car, and a 1-in-10 Charging Cable allowing users to charge all of their mobile devices in one place.  The combination of these features creates a portable charging station available whenever needed.

J. Bullivant Urban Survival Gear enjoyed their experience at Seton Hall and looks forward to conducting more research for their products!

J. Bullivant Urban Survival Gear is a division of MILSPRAY Military Technologies, LLC located in Lakewood, NJ.

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The J. Bullivant Urban Survival Gear Solar powered Technology Backpack.  What do you think?

The J. Bullivant Urban Survival Gear Solar powered Technology Backpack.  What do you think?

Solar Backpack and Technology Pack

Winter is Here! Stay Prepared

Winter is officially here!  With the temperatures dropping and snow beginning to fall, everyone should be sure they are taking the proper precautions in the event of a snow storm of any size. 

Be Prepared for Power Outages

During large snow storms it is not uncommon to lose power; with temperatures being low it is important to stay warm.  Be sure to have plenty of blankets, sweaters, and foot and hand warmers in an easy to access spot if the situation arises.

In the event of a power outage it is crucial to stay informed.  Having an emergency radio that is either battery operated, or powered by a hand crank, gives the ability to access weather and news updates within the local area.

Keep a supply of emergency flashlights, lanterns, and batteries in a safe place which can be easily accessed in the dark.

Have Enough Food and Water

In extreme cases it may not be possible to leave home due to large amounts of snow and ice.  It is important to stock up on non-perishable and canned foods.  Prepare to have enough food and water for the whole family for 7 days in the event you are unable to leave home for several days.

Be sure to buy bottled water as the pipes could freeze during power outages.

Stay Inside

Large snow storms and blizzard-like conditions can bring sleet, ice, and heavy winds as well.  With risks such as frostbite, hypothermia, and dangerous traveling conditions it is imperative to stay indoors.  In the instance that it is absolutely necessary to leave home be prepared.

Dress warmly by wearing loose, layered clothing as well as hats, mittens, heavy socks and durable boots.  There tends to be limited visibility in extreme weather conditions, so be sure to wear bright colors.

Most importantly bring a cell phone with you.  In the event that you become stranded, lost, or stuck you will need to be able to contact someone for help.  Be sure that the cell phone is charged and in a place that it will not become wet or damaged.

While emergency situations are out of our control there is no reason why we cannot be in control during them.  With useful tools and smart planning you will be prepared to protect yourself and your family.

J. Bullivant Urban Survival Gear is a division of MILSPRAY Military Technologies, LLC located in Lakewood, NJ.

Want to know more?  Visit www.jbullivant.com/christinecastaldo